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What We  Do


That all children and youth in Virginia have access to high quality out-of-school time preparing them to be successful in school, work, and life.

Mission Statement:  To foster a statewide system of exemplary out-of-school programs and resources to support the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of Virginia’s children and youth.

Contextual Factors:

What circumstances or factors may support/inhibit achieving the vision?


  • Currently, there is no dedicated state funding stream for Out-of-School Time (OST) programs/services
  • Lack of awareness about value and availability of OST programs/services
  • A silo type delivery system and resources
  • Growing number of homes without school-aged children (changing demographics)
  • Political focus on Early Childhood Education and not on youth (school-ages)/ Block grant funds end at age 12
  • General lack of awareness of need for OST programs/services
  • No identified champion
  • Current economic crisis


  • Creation of VPOST
  • Silos of care/support are in place as a foundation
  • 21st century, local funding
  • Model programs: city, county, community based organizations, and faith based organizations
  • Untapped basic support for OST
  • Coordinated Juvenile Justice approach
  • Increased Federal funding- through 21st  Century
  • Potential for private funding through Mott and other foundations
  • Emerging body of evidence/scientific knowledge to support efficacy of OST (e.g. Harvard OST Project)