Free STEM Coaching for OST Educators

VPOST is proud to partner with ACRES (Afterschool Coaching for Reflective Educators in STEM). We have created a special virtual coaching cohort for you to participate, in all with connection and reflection at the foundation. Our questions create a path towards discovery, imagination and STEM exploration. Our cohort is aligned with the Million Girls Moonshot, which seeks to engaging one million more girls in STEM engineering through afterschool and summer programs over the next 5 years.

What sets this opportunity apart from other web-based PD opportunities is the structure. After each live module that focuses on growing STEM instruction practices, participants go back to their program to practice the skills learned, ideally recording themselves in action. Then they come back to the cohort for coaching, peer feedback and dialogue. Also, not only is this a free opportunity, but it comes with a $100 stipend.

Cohorts begin in January and have day or evening options. Click the buttons below to learn more. Any questions can be directed to Christine Jones Monaccio at

Annual Conference

“I was personally and professionally renewed and enriched by this conference. I learned so many things in the workshops, but also met new people and was able to interact with other teachers outside of the school environment. Thank you VPOST!”

Rise Up and Shine 2019 Conference Attendee

Technical Trainings

If you are interested in our technical assistance trainings, please contact Blaire Denson: