14th Annual Conference, Future Ready, Starts Today

On March 27th, 2023 in Blacksburg, Virginia, VPOST hosted our 14th annual conference, Future Ready Starts Today. This conference theme speaks to the need to prepare young people for a future we might not yet imagine while recognizing the importance of the here and now. The pandemic challenged the status quo and demanded that we adapt. Now as we are in the process of redefining our new normal, what is worth carrying forward into the future, and what are we ready to leave in the past? What skillsets and mindsets can we adopt today to help us and the young people we serve to prepare for the future? How can we be future-oriented while remaining rooted in the power of the present day?

Past Conferences

“The overall excitement of the conference was contagious! The workshops I participated in were phenomenal, and, as a newbie to the OST world, this was a wonderful foray into this work! I took away so much that will be useful for my program, my kiddos, my staff and myself!

2021 Conference Attendee

Technical Trainings

If you are interested in our technical assistance trainings, please contact our Professional Development and Quality Coordinator, Christine at christine.jones-monaccio@v-post.org