Save the Date for our 12th Annual Conference Hosted Virtually, November 9th and 10th

Originally, VPOST intended for our 2021 conference to be held in person. However, 2021 had different plans and we quickly shifted to a virtual conference. It only seems fitting that this year’s conference theme authentically speaks to the enduring journey we are all on. “Are We There Yet?!: Cultivating Joy on the Long and Winding Road”, is a humorous and honest nod to the collective fatigue from constant adaptation. Nevertheless, when you are in a place where the future seems unpredictable, the need to remain in the present moment, and find joy in every day becomes paramount in staying resilient while serving children and families.

Past Conferences

“I was personally and professionally renewed and enriched by this conference. I learned so many things in the workshops, but also met new people and was able to interact with other teachers outside of the school environment. Thank you VPOST!”

Rise Up and Shine 2019 Conference Attendee

Technical Trainings

If you are interested in our technical assistance trainings, please contact Blaire Denson: