VPOST, the Virginia Partnership for Out-of-School-Time, is a statewide public-private partnership dedicated to developing and expanding academic, social, emotional, and physical supports and services to school-age children and youth across the Commonwealth of Virginia during out-of-school time hours:
before-school, afterschool, vacation periods, and summer!

Our Vision

A future where all Virginia families have the out-of-school-time support they need to thrive.

Our Mission

To build a network of quality out-of-school-time programming for all Virginia children and youth.

Virginia After 3PM

For years, afterschool programs have kept kids safe, inspired them to learn, and helped working families. Debuting in December of 2020, Virginia After 3PM, a part of America After 3PM, found that unmet demand has skyrocketed. For every Virginia child in an afterschool program, 4 are waiting to get in. 

OST STEM Coalition

STEM is a staple of OST programs as the environment and culture promotes exploration and innovation. How do we ensure girls and youth with marginalized genders, BIOPC kids feel like STEM is for them? VPOST is starting an Equity in OST STEM Programs Coalition to address this very issue. Collaborate with STEM educators and leaders across Virginia!

Power of Us Survey

Millions of professionals and volunteers work with young people every day in the many settings where youth play, learn, and grow outside of the school day. The American Institutes for Research (AIR) wants to know more about those who are still in the youth fields and those who left, so that they can explore, define, and elevate this collective workforce and their work with youth.